Elect To Breathe

About Elect to Breathe:

Many things affect our lung health. Yet, despite its vitality, breathing is often not given the priority it deserves when it comes to government policies. As the federal election 2021 nears, we urge you explore the parties’ platforms and their stance on several key issues that could ultimately affect your lung health.  These include: youth vaping, tobacco control, air pollution and climate and the lasting impact of covid-19 (Long Covid).     

This page provides a summary of the issues impacting the lung health of Canadians and the Canadian Lung Association’s position and recommendations for action.

We encourage you to learn more and contact your local candidate(s).


About our asks:

Tobacco Control:

Implement an annual cost recovery fee on the tobacco industry to provide a full reimbursement of the $66 million annual cost of the tobacco control strategy.

Youth and Vaping:

Commit to taking urgent action on vaping to protect Canadian youth and prevent a new generation from vaping through stronger regulation and dedicated funding for research and education.

Air Quality:

Make strong commitments to minimize the impact of increasing air quality issues on the health of Canadians. 


Support for Long Covid:

A full recovery requires significant dedicated funding to better understand how to diagnose, manage, and treat the symptoms associated with Long Covid. 


Get Involved:

There are many ways you can get involved as an active constituent before the election:

  • Meet your local candidate.
  • Write a letter, send an email or make a phone call to all local candidates. You can use this draft email.
  • Attend debates, town hall meetings, festivals, community celebrations or other local events the candidates are attending. (Check all candidates’ websites and social media accounts for upcoming events.)
  • Use social media to share information about support for those living with lung disease.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local news outlet and share your point of view. The maximum word count varies by publication, so be sure to check. For instance, the Globe and Mail has a limit of 150 words. Make sure your letter is focused, concise and touches upon specific topic(s).

Find out more:

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