Vaping and youth:

What’s the issue?

A dangerous trend has recently turned into an epidemic. Since the popularization of vaping pens and smoking behaviour, youth vaping and smoking rates have risen for the first time in a generation. In a single year (2017-2018), youth vaping among 16-19 year olds dramatically increased by 74%. The inhalation of vaping products have caused irreversible lung damage, disease, and even death.

Urgent action is needed to protect young Canadians, including:

  • Stronger regulation is needed to bring vaping restrictions in line with tobacco products (including promotion and advertising, a comprehensive ban of flavours, and reduced nicotine allowance)
  • Dedicated funding to support research on vaping including the surveillance of pulmonary disease linked to the use of vaping products.
  • Increased education and public awareness to support informed decision making amongst young people related to vaping products.